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    hugovics started the conversation

    Hello there, 
    Would like to change the title (and general layout ) of services.

    Indeed, i've got somes issues with the title who get the title of meta_title and not the wordpress title. 

    I tried few thing on a child_theme to change it, like delete this part of page-title

    <h3 class="page-title"><?php 
                    // if($title) echo  balanceTags( $title ); else <- this part deleted// 
                    wp_title(' ');?></h3>

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    Support replied


    Please briefly explain what are you trying to saying. We are unable to understand your issue.

    Please explain.


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    hugovics replied

    hello, i found my answer. 

    To explain my issue : 

    I use the plugin Yoast SEO, but when i modified my SEO title, the title visibled on page of the site was the same, he wasn't as the "wordpress default" title you first choose when you create a article or new page. 

    So i did have to modify this point and found : 

    replace this : 

    <h3 class="page-title"><?php if($title) echo  balanceTags( $title ); else wp_title(' ');?></h3>

    by this : 

    <h3 class="page-title"><?php echo get_the_title();?></h3>
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    Support replied


    it's ok. if your issue  is set by yourself.


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    Support replied

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